Arctic Winter Games

I am trying forward to the 2008 Winter Games. in all probability as a result of i really like sports. additionally as a result of i really like looking at all of the stories that return forth. and eventually as a result of it’s thus wonderful to Maine to observe somebody WHO has worked and trained their whole life, take 1-5 minutes to vie and either reach their goal or not. i do know most are purported to desire a winner. If I visited the Olympics, I in all probability would to. But, at an equivalent time, it’s pretty wonderful if you truly do win.

For the 2008 Winter Olympic Games, there area unit lots of things to observe. await the Olympic torch being carried. Watch the gap Ceremonies and see if Vancouver has done one thing completely different. i do not understand if they place the maximum amount cash as China did into it, however i am certain there’ll be one thing wonderful. additionally watch a number of the newer Olympic events like Olympic snowboarding. These events seem like a version of maximum sports shown on ESPN. It invariably amazes Maine that they turned one thing that folks wont to knock off a park on their own into one thing that’s AN Olympic sport.

As usual, one amongst the foremost widespread events are going to be Olympic ice skating. This year, the us has 2 underdogs. i feel being the failure is usually higher in sports. individuals pay less attention to you and you’ve got less pressure to be #1. bear in mind Michelle Kwan WHO was purported to win the gold and ne’er did? Somehow, that was somewhat an excessive amount of pressure for her. the sole downside with not having the pressure is that judges can typically mark you less than you merit, particularly in ice skating as a result of you’re not #1. But, sometimes, you’ll be able to return from behind and take it, even as Tara Lipinski and Sarah Hughes did. So, ice skating continues to be one thing extremely exciting to appear forward to within the winter games.

Finally, with all of the new means most are obtaining data, watch out to not check the net if you’re progressing to watch the Olympics. Since they’re in Canada this year, it’ll be somewhat higher for those within the us than after they were in Japan or Europe. the matter then was the zone distinction. With the net coverage winners and knowledge extremely quickly, looking at the Olympic Games became extremely boring after you already knew WHO won. So, if you’re trying forward to looking at in the dark, attempt to avoid sports news or huge news generally. it would ruin your expertise of looking at the winter games 2008. To learn a lot of concerning the future winter games, WHO to observe and what to check, go here for a preview for the 2008 Winter Games.

WANAKA, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 26:  Iouri Podladtchikov of Switzerland competes in the Men's Snowboard Halfpipe during day five of the Winter Games NZ at Cardrona Alpine Resort on August 26, 2009 in Wanaka, New Zealand.  (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)